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Where life is made different.

The House of Prayer and Evangelization (HOPE) is dedicated in building “a community of faith where hope is planted, where love reigns and where everyone upholds the dignity and rights proper to a human person”.


HOPE commits to its mission “to sow the seeds of hope and teach the art of living” among those who struggle with mild to moderate degree of substance abuses.

These vision and mission entails that HOPE commits to the following thrusts:


1. Sustain the recovery of the residents by providing continuum of care,


2. Mainstream recovering residents back in society with a renewed positive outlook in life, and


3. Reduce the stigma towards renewing individuals.

A four-phased 150-day intensive non-treatment social model of effective intervention to substance abuse that offers experiential learning, positive role modeling, individual responsibility for recovery, mutual care and a transitory living in a faith-based community with a structured family environment offering rehabilitation services.

  1. Provide support among recovering beneficiary/residents with relapse prevention support and continuum of care.

  2. Create a healing community by mutually reciprocating the influence and skills for positive living.

  3. Improve knowledge for positive renewal in behavior, and;

  4. Provide work-related skill training for placement of recovering beneficiary/resident

HOPE stands for the House of Prayer and Evangelization, a healing community.  It is a model of healing which utilizes psycho-spiritual and community approach to changing behavior and imparting Gospel values to residents who suffer from mild to moderate degrees of substance addictions and other problems pertaining to behavior.  It features informal and casual environment with a distinct communal environment.  It promotes shared responsibility of residents that define their status and scope of responsibility for maintaining the healing community.  It provides a safe environment with established norms, values, and rules that establish boundaries and expectations.  There is a daily structured program of activities that include arrangements for maintaining and developing the community as well as various formal and informal healing activities.  It also promotes a self-help and mutual help driven healing.


"Even when someone's life appears completely wrecked, even when we see it devastated by vices or addictions, God is present there.  If we let ourselves be guided by the Spirit rather than our own preconceptions, we can and must try to find the Lord in every human life."

Pope Francis, Gaudete et Exsultate, #42


“The way of the cross is the way of hope, the way of the future.  Those who take up this way with generosity and faith give hope and a future to humanity.  And I would like you to be sowers of hope.”

Pope Francis, World Youth Day (Krakow)

© 2019 by HOPE Foundation Inc. 

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